Saturday, July 29, 2017

hand stitched

Mahala and I do video calls where we show each other what we're working on regularly.

Where she gives me real time tutorials on tech glitches and drawing how to's, I share my crafty hands on skills with her.

Mahala & I, Thailand April 2016

I especially love hand sewing our clothes. We come from a family of globe trotting shoppers and acquire a lot of beautiful pieces gifted to us through the years.

A clearer image of our matching tops

Whether we wear them to bits or love them but adjust them anyway, I just love to tinker around, mixing and combining. Textures and patterns, colors and fabrics, occasions and outfits.

The original jacket was in this traditional style.

Both treasure and therapy, there's something about keeping stitches regular and draping to cut a pattern that just floats my boat.

Halter top on Issa

There was a Thai silk pant suit that I was gifted 30 years ago that I absolutely loved. Living in the tropical urban jungle of Manila though did not provide many events I could dress up and wear it in comfort.

Added the mother of pearl buttons

But because I loved it so I kept it all these years. It proved the ideal project for matching handmade tops for both Mahala and myself.

Mahala's top

Lacing on the sides

For my top I cut out the sleeves and collar - turning it into a cool contemporary halter top.

Top & cuff on Mahala

Wasting nothing, I turned the wide jacket sleeves into another halter top for Mahala. I also halved the collar and embroidered matching cuffs she could wear with it.

Mahala & I with our folks

We have a grand time and garner many accolades and compliments when we show up in these.

May this inspire you all to retrofit what you can pull out of your closets as well.

Share them here! We'd love to see your accomplishments too.

Our whole family on vacation. 

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