Thursday, July 20, 2017

focus vs fix

You will really enjoy this. It is always amazing to get in sync with Source.

I just found a little mouse scurrying around the apartment I recently moved into. Yuck! right?

I immediately informed my landlord and started researching natural ways to get rid of it pronto.

drugstore find

One solution was to use camphor. So I purchased some 100% organic mothballs - tablets actually, from the neighborhood drugstore.

I got a whole box of them! Not just any kind either. It turns out the camphor I was sold is a product stamped as "an incense and meant for religious purposes".

YES! The cosmos really speaks to us all the time. In my case it came in a complete visual package. Literally and figuratively.

It turns out the significance of burning camphor in sacred rites is "truly esoteric, lofty in ideals, highly philosophical and very religious".

The interpretations are:
  1. Like a small ball of camphor, to long for the day we leave this world of Maya and join God/Source.
  2. To live our lives like camphor - leaving nothing as it burns (while it still exists) - giving off light and a wonderful smell (as it evaporates).

I have strategically placed the camphor all around the floorboards and corners of my apartment.

Their distinct scent fills the air and permeates my space.

May my sweet pooja drive away the varmint/s as well - yay!

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