Saturday, August 11, 2012

bias vs. balance

With the closing ceremonies up tomorrow, once again the Olympics are on my mind. 

This time it is its coverage and presentation that struck me.  I happened to be in Canada when the games opened and could not help but notice how they went about it compared to over here in the USA. 

Even there I could not help but notice the obvious and blatant overkill sell by the US in their American fervor - making it all about I, me, mine - which swung between extremes of childlike and childish devotion. 

Others like the UK and Canada exhibited their brand of fervor with just as much zeal and delight - minus the vehemence and Holywood-izing - while still celebrating their wins and that of others. 

Where there is no shame in acknowledging or even glorifying these achivements, being able to fully reflect other ongoing global events should remain the priority and be maintained as the perspective. 

After all the rest of the world spins on - though the news and focus remained on the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. 

Global warming, moonsoon floods, mass destruction, heinious crimes, great discoveries and achievements, love and honor, . . . .these went on and too few acknowledged the spectacle even if too many were affected.