Saturday, December 11, 2010

21 days to a new you

Research states that it takes about 21 days to develop a habit. What follows is a list of new habits you could develop into your daily life. Start by picking your favorite one and see how that encourages you on to the next one.

1. Read for at least 15 minutes daily from a positive or inspirational book.

2. Listen for at least 15 minutes daily to a positive or inspirational CD.

3. Write in a journal for at least 15 minutes daily, noting what you have done to progress toward your goal and what you need to do in the days ahead.

4. Meditate for at least 15 minutes daily. Meditation is the art of doing nothing. Close your eyes and let go. When thoughts creep in your mind, simply acknowledge them and quickly let them pass.

5. Eliminate negatives from your day. As soon as a negative thought or word creeps in, acknowledge it and let it pass. Replace it quickly with a positive thought or word.

6. Be in good company. Hang around those who are where you want to be in life. Surround yourself with positive, goal-oriented people.
Learn from your experience each day, whether you are having a good day or not. Stay in the game no matter how challenging the next 21 days turn out. Success belongs to those who do not quit.

If you experience a setback, pause and take a deep breath. Start again. If you are struggling, keep pressing on. Every experience is an opportunity to learn more about yourself – get excited and remain eager!

Excerpted from Preston Pratt Jr. and his blog, - an inspirational and practical roadmap to a happier, more peaceful and fulfilling life with greater possibilities.

Friday, November 12, 2010

be a happiness projector!

some simple mood boosters
contributed by Issa Urra - &

Let us admit it – no matter how many things we have to be grateful for, there are just some things in life that can really get us down. So here are a few simple ways to snap out of it! 

1. Take a break. Get quiet and focus on some simple task – like listen to a favorite song, watch a show, take a walk, bake a cake or have a nap. Do whatever it takes to interrupt your negative thinking or bad mood.

2. Be grateful. Take a moment to appreciate things. Count your blessings – my health, my husband, my sense of humor, my garden. It puts things in perspective.

3. Play. Be childlike and not childish – enjoy, have fun and be delighted. Incorporate play into your daily routine and have a good belly laugh as often as you can.

4. Pray. There are those times in life when I need to call on a higher power. Prayer works – keep your faith. And trust divine guidance to help you with the problem you are facing. - THE HAPPINESS PROJECT, is a memoir of the year I spent test-driving the wisdom of the ages, the current scientific studies, and the lessons from popular culture about how to be happy--from Aristotle to Martin Seligman to Thoreau to Oprah.

THE HAPPINESS PROJECT hit the shelves in December 2009 (Harper) and, happily, was a #1 New York Times bestseller. As one of the hundreds of happiness experiments I conducted during the research and writing of the book, I started this blog. Here, I recount my daily adventures in pursuit of happiness. – GRETCHEN RUBIN 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

don’t just strive or survive. . . .THRIVE!

FLOURISH!  embrace life & attract abundance 

Human intellect is a collection of abilities that the mind possesses. The intellect is comprised of several facets. When developed, each possesses a different and powerful potential.

1. Perception. Be a lifelong learner, continuing to grow in awareness of your potential and to envision different perspectives and approaches. The ability to quickly grasp another point of view is a powerful tool - in life, at work and for understanding our relationships better.

2. Reason. The ability to manage our thoughts. The more empowered our reasoning the less we are adversely affected by things over which we have no control – like other opinions or outside circumstances.

3. Memory. We all have good and bad memories from our past. Although we cannot change our past, we can change how we feel about it today. Choose to learn from your past and do not let it hold you back from what you can achieve today.

4. Will is not force but intent. A weak will leads to an undeveloped purpose in life. A strong will provides perseverance and persistence - a key characteristic for success.

5. Intuition. It is a developed feel about something and not to be confused with an emotional response. It is an inner knowing. Most of us question our intuition or ignore it altogether. Consider that intuition is our connection to Source. Wayne Dyer says that, “If prayer is when we talk to God, then intuition is how we hear God's answer.”

6. Imagination. The faculty, process or action to form images or concepts in our mind. The creative thinking or expressive process that develops the ability to conceive solutions, surpass challenges or solve problems.

Find ways to nurture, nourish and develop your intellect. Be tireless and vigilant about the pursuit of your ongoing expansion!

excerpted from Q3 Masterminds:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


A frame or 'frame of reference' can be unquestioned beliefs, values and experiences that we use to infer meaning and substance to situations and events in our lives.  Thus when we change any part of that ('reframing' it differently), then the meaning inferred may change too.

To reframe, step back from what is being said and done and consider the frame, filter or lens through which this reality is being created.  Then consider alternatives, such as, 'Let's look at it another way.' 

Challenge the belief, behavior, attitude or other aspects of the frame.  Stand in another frame and describe what you see.  Change attributes of the frame to reverse meaning.  Select and ignore aspects of words, actions and frame to emphasise and downplay various elements. 

You can reframe:

A problem as an opportunity

A weakness as a strength

An impossibility as a distinct possibility

Oppression ('against me') as neutral ('doesn't care about me')

Unkindness as lack of understanding


You can often change your frame of mind simply by changing your emotional state.  When you are happier, you are more positive and optimistic (and vice versa). 

:  excerpted from Reframing at

Monday, August 16, 2010

problem vs. project

4 Steps To Creating A Vision That Makes A Problem Obsolete 

1. Don’t call it a problem. Call it a project - This simple change of words will have a profound effect on your perspective. This comes from the Silva Method. Jose Silva, the founder would teach his students to label everything a project and by incorporating this with creative visualization they were able to see the solutions instead of being bogged down by negative thinking. This single labeling change has impacted me greatly. I no longer have problems, I have projects I work on. 

2. Create a new vision where you know exactly what you want- Don’t worry if you don’t know how to get to your vision. Just get clear on what you want. Here’s the secret. You don’t have to know how, you need to know exactly WHAT. The how will come to you. You just have to put that vision out there and the right answers will come to you. The right opportunities, synchronicities, and circumstances will appear when you know exactly what it is you want. If you know what you want to create, your subconscious will imprint the right questions so that your mind will find the answers. 

3. Pursue your vision aggressively - TAKE ACTION. Start taking classes, programs, or reading the right books to create the version of you that you need. If this is a business scenario and you just lost your biggest client, take action to find bigger, better clients, making your original loss obsolete. But you need to take action. If you don’t yet know what the action steps are, don’t worry. They will come to you. Just make sure you pursue and act on the opportunities that arise. 

4. Monitor your state of flow - You’ll know you’re on the right path if you feel inspired, happy and joyful. In essence, you’re enjoying the journey. Even if you’re working long hours, you won’t feel stressed or anxious. But if you do notice that you’re feeling stressed out or overly worried, then you’ve lost that state of flow. When this happens you’re out of touch with your higher powers. In other words you’re not leveraging the unseen forces that will move you towards your goal. Always be in flow.

~ posted on Finer Minds ~

Monday, August 9, 2010

look at it. . . .learn from it. . . .let it go!

how to take charge and get rid of what is holding you back

Here is a roadmap to move beyond fear into personal transformation - the restorative, rejuvenating, enduring path to wholeness and completion.

1. Face fear with courage and grace. Heard the saying, “what you resist persists?” You cannot soar free until you let go of your fear. When afraid, the body’s survival mechanism goes into overdrive. To let go of the fear, identify the mindset that drives it. To get rid of whatever is holding you back Dr. Peeke advises, write down everything that’s bugging you and trace it back to where it is coming from. Focus on facts rather than feelings.

2. Observe, do not obsess. Remember to act with loving kindness, not self flagellation. Observe and recall an incident instead of living it or indulging in the emotions attached to it. Obsessing over what is not working or what you want fixed is negative goal setting. Observation enables you to let go of your emotions and move past your obstacles.

3. Pinpoint blocks and barriers. We all have emotional baggage and mental aberration that stops us from letting go. Often we are either too hard and harsh on ourselves or we’d rather ignore and bury our desires. Love and embrace all aspects of yourself, even when you exhibit behavior you dislike. Resentment and regret drain you and damage your relationships. Set up deadlines to review issues or situations and when the allotted time is up, take immediate action - no more procrastination, reminiscing, or resistance.

4. To change is up to you. The only person you can control or change is you, no one else. You may not always be able to change your circumstances or your environment but you can definitely change your attitude and how you feel. Start with something small and simple.

Time and again the smallest, humblest most personal developments are transformed by this miraculous process. Things that blur the dividing line between human and divine are so small and delicate they sometimes escape our attention. Be alert and vigilant.

Happy life & happy living!

NOTE: Dr. Pamela Peeke is an internationally recognized expert, physician, scientist and author in the fields of nutrition, stress, fitness and public health who serves as Chief Medical Correspondent for Discovery Health TV, Dr. Peeke is featured on the award winning National Body Challenge series and is the host of the Could You Survive? series, based upon her national bestselling book Fit to Live. 

Friday, April 9, 2010

Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

it's springtime!

At times that which seems small and mortal is in reality immense and divine, but can only be experienced in small and mortal increments. The same types of inspiration that lure gods down from the heavens seem to raise artists up to immortality.

As Dante, the great literary author, famously declared, "Ecce Deus fortior me, qui veniens dominabitur mihi" (Behold, a god stronger than I who, coming, shall rule over me). 

Time and again the smallest, humblest most personal developments are transformed by this thaumaturgic process into something universal and divine. 

Things that blur the dividing line between gods and mortals are so small and delicate they sometimes escape human attention, but it seems the gods have figured it out. 

It's springtime. Pay attention.  

~ excerpted from an article written by David Apatoff on 02 April 2010 for Illustration Art ~ 

Monday, January 18, 2010

amulets . . . . talismans . . . . magic . . . .

We offer serious students powerful and intensive courses designed to enrich and enhance your spiritual life and well being.

Take the time to reflect on and renew your spirit.

Take the opportunity to surround yourself with the startling beauty life offers.

Encounter new ideas and thoughts that hold the potential to transform your life.

Step out of your routine life and enjoy something different - with loved ones or among new friends. 

We are now experiencing and will increasingly undergo extraordinary changes in our lives. Whether at our local communities or on a global scale, we are all affected by the transitions unfolding in the world.

Cycles are always present in our lives - at every level. The culmination and transition of a great cycle or age - an integral aspect of even greater cycles in the Universe - all ultimately originate from The Source, The Big Bang, God.

These are completely natural cycles of life which exert their presence and influence us beyond doubt of the great workings of the Universe - in all the glorious spheres of life and reality.

It is a great boon to be alive at a time of such profound change in our planet. Without a doubt, all of our lives will be greatly impacted by the events unfolding on the earth at this time and in the years to come. Navigating these changes will not be easy but knowing why they are happening and how to recognize these influences will allow you to make choices with wisdom.

The two most insightful and powerful ways I know to gain a higher perspective as well as a practical one in terms of understanding this galactic change and how it affects you is through the study of vibration and energy.

For that reason, Bhakti, an internationally known healer, artist and facilitator has created these exceptional workshops which combine her expertise with your participation - in learning how to navigate galactic change as it expresses itself in your daily life.

Participants will learn about the cycles of planetary influence as it is presently affecting us. As with all Energy, this natural cycle is influenced by Mind - aspects of which include thoughts, imagination, expectations, intent and emotions.

This Cycle of Energy has always existed and will always exist, and, like all energy, will exert its influence in accordance with the Consciousness of its participants -
in this case life on Earth.

You can already feel a sense of excitement and anticipation as we enter the unknown.