Monday, January 18, 2010

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We offer serious students powerful and intensive courses designed to enrich and enhance your spiritual life and well being.

Take the time to reflect on and renew your spirit.

Take the opportunity to surround yourself with the startling beauty life offers.

Encounter new ideas and thoughts that hold the potential to transform your life.

Step out of your routine life and enjoy something different - with loved ones or among new friends. 

We are now experiencing and will increasingly undergo extraordinary changes in our lives. Whether at our local communities or on a global scale, we are all affected by the transitions unfolding in the world.

Cycles are always present in our lives - at every level. The culmination and transition of a great cycle or age - an integral aspect of even greater cycles in the Universe - all ultimately originate from The Source, The Big Bang, God.

These are completely natural cycles of life which exert their presence and influence us beyond doubt of the great workings of the Universe - in all the glorious spheres of life and reality.

It is a great boon to be alive at a time of such profound change in our planet. Without a doubt, all of our lives will be greatly impacted by the events unfolding on the earth at this time and in the years to come. Navigating these changes will not be easy but knowing why they are happening and how to recognize these influences will allow you to make choices with wisdom.

The two most insightful and powerful ways I know to gain a higher perspective as well as a practical one in terms of understanding this galactic change and how it affects you is through the study of vibration and energy.

For that reason, Bhakti, an internationally known healer, artist and facilitator has created these exceptional workshops which combine her expertise with your participation - in learning how to navigate galactic change as it expresses itself in your daily life.

Participants will learn about the cycles of planetary influence as it is presently affecting us. As with all Energy, this natural cycle is influenced by Mind - aspects of which include thoughts, imagination, expectations, intent and emotions.

This Cycle of Energy has always existed and will always exist, and, like all energy, will exert its influence in accordance with the Consciousness of its participants -
in this case life on Earth.

You can already feel a sense of excitement and anticipation as we enter the unknown.