Thursday, May 30, 2013

travel tales, trails & travails

Rethinking Evolution: The Ten Precepts of Sacred Space Design - Life can be described as the outward spherical resonance of atomic energy contained by the inward gravitational pressure of cubic space, crystallizing according to a recursive orthogonal harmonic lattice of (I)-damping rings.

Atomic resonance as a framework of life is logical and sensible given that everything is energy and vibrates at a certain frequency. The geometry of life traces back to one universal pattern of harmonic convergence - the circle of life, the sphere of our existence, our cyclical pattern.

The physiology of our body and human system reveals this pattern in microcosm. In macrocosm the pattern is manifest in our planet and solar system. Consciousness is the filter by which awareness and perception focus and function harmonically.

Let us open our minds to an evolutionary theory guided by the physics of harmonics that is flexible enough to adjust to our changing environment.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

the push & pull in growth & expansion

In our drive to produce and advance, priorities can grow conflicted. In development the priority is meeting challenges and expectations of growth and expansion. In production the priority is doing the right thing at the right time and doing both well. Implementation and management of development and production greatly influence outcome and advancement.

In essence, whatever "it" is - the goal of development is to get it done [to achieve] and the goal of production is to keep it running [to accomplish]. Often we are torn between future benefits and the current effort required to attain them which may cause us to balk or abandon “it”.

To succeed requires balancing many things. Some things are more obvious - organization, preparation and preparedness. Other elements may be less tangible - clarity, commitment and perseverance. More difficult even is maintaining the balance throughout the whole creative process as each and every one of these demand and assert themselves.

When action outweighs concern [or any issue], then we arrive at the right time to do it. It is a decision we take on our own and commit to in order to make it happen. Such is our life cycle – step by step.