Monday, December 26, 2011

post Xmas & pre New Year

How were we affected by events this holiday season?  Leading up to, Xmas day itself and looking towards 2012? 

Did the actual experience match all the anticipated expectations?  Pass or fail?  And how does it then affect what's yet to come? 

Much to reflect on and contemplate indeed!  Pros and Cons?  Highs and Lows?  What worked and what did not? 

What new experiences have we racked up?  Any new relationships?  What was that like?  How did matters go?  What mattered the most? 

Whatever the outcome are our hearts filled with wonder, delight and appreciation?  Do we welcome this new year? 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

holiday countdown

Five more days until I see my beloved child!  Although I've been counting down looong ago for this date as it draws closer I witness myself going into hyper-reality. 

The buildup is further augmented by the holidays and all the attendant history over The 12 Days of Xmas.  Christian, commercial, or secular overtones seethe and roil around us - blowing smokescreens that cloud any clarity. 

Living and working in NYC amps this all up.  As the cheer crescendos over blaring horns, show windows, twinkling lights and frost in the air the hustle and the bustle are no longer a grind.  Instead they lighten us all up. 

Happy Holidays!