Sunday, July 14, 2013

post birthday update

As the dust of my birthday celebrations soar off like motes in bright light I wake up the day after to realize I'm a year younger than I thought I'd be all year long - ha ha ha. What a hoot!

Around this time last year I was in such a horrid place and space in my life that you'd have to be a special kind of horror for me to wish it upon you - yes, really. It is no wonder that it felt like I lost a whole year of my life coming through it.

Although I could most likely document a perfectly detailed blow by blow - it was not so much each piece but rather how each of the pieces fell into place and played out that led to and accumulated into the whole shebang.

After countless desperate and futile efforts of thrashing around a roller coastering sea of dead ends and disappointments - in all honesty I cannot tell you how it is I finally found which way would lead up and out.

Lucky me I did - out of the blue.  Between one week and the next - all is well in my world and I am well in my world.

Happy Birthday to me!