Wednesday, October 27, 2010

don’t just strive or survive. . . .THRIVE!

FLOURISH!  embrace life & attract abundance 

Human intellect is a collection of abilities that the mind possesses. The intellect is comprised of several facets. When developed, each possesses a different and powerful potential.

1. Perception. Be a lifelong learner, continuing to grow in awareness of your potential and to envision different perspectives and approaches. The ability to quickly grasp another point of view is a powerful tool - in life, at work and for understanding our relationships better.

2. Reason. The ability to manage our thoughts. The more empowered our reasoning the less we are adversely affected by things over which we have no control – like other opinions or outside circumstances.

3. Memory. We all have good and bad memories from our past. Although we cannot change our past, we can change how we feel about it today. Choose to learn from your past and do not let it hold you back from what you can achieve today.

4. Will is not force but intent. A weak will leads to an undeveloped purpose in life. A strong will provides perseverance and persistence - a key characteristic for success.

5. Intuition. It is a developed feel about something and not to be confused with an emotional response. It is an inner knowing. Most of us question our intuition or ignore it altogether. Consider that intuition is our connection to Source. Wayne Dyer says that, “If prayer is when we talk to God, then intuition is how we hear God's answer.”

6. Imagination. The faculty, process or action to form images or concepts in our mind. The creative thinking or expressive process that develops the ability to conceive solutions, surpass challenges or solve problems.

Find ways to nurture, nourish and develop your intellect. Be tireless and vigilant about the pursuit of your ongoing expansion!

excerpted from Q3 Masterminds: