Tuesday, August 23, 2011

overused, misused & abused

Who are the loved ones we would die for? 

What price do we pay for the love we wish for? 

We love the most the ones who love us the most.  Or do we?  Do we not instead overuse, misuse and abuse those we are closest to?  What price do we pay in this fatal dance? 

I love.  You love.  We love. 

Practice paves the way to perfection.  Investing in it more raises its success rate.  Why not allow it to nourish and nurture us then? 

Why do we expect love to come naturally when we are neglectful?  We desire but are we willing to invest all for the immaterial and intangible that hold no guarantees? 

In earnest or in fancy what do we depend or rely on from our loved ones?  How do we express our love?  What do we do to be loving, lovable and beloved? 

Is our dance coordinated, collaborative, co-creative?  Is our step light, love and delight filled?  Are we in sync or at odds? 

Do we possess the balance, focus and clarity to commit to our chosen dreams and direction? 

Now?  Always?  Forever? 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

a wedding, a funeral & finding love - all over the place

These past weeks have definitely been a roller coaster of emotions played out in the arena of life. 

A dear friend was married back home.  While another was buried. 

Beloved friends were over looking for their prodigal son.  Glad to report all's well that ended very well. 

I flew cross country on a hellacious 12 hour adventure with consequences I will only hear from in 30 days. 

All this and more and I am back home - in love and loving my life as it unfolds as it was meant to - with purpose and direction.