Saturday, October 22, 2011

the stories we tell ourselves

What is your story? 

Do you have a story you call your very own?  Is your story so much a part of you that it is what is running you? 

With every breath we take we hold the power to create that which we step into and live to be. 

Our drive and desire are powered by our passion.  How it is expressed is crucial to how it manifests. 

Do we worry, angst and obsess?  Or do we allow, appreciate and collaborate? 

Are our heart and spirit healthy, hale and happy?  Or are we operating from toxic psyches and dysfunctional behaviors? 

Do we inspire confidence and trust?  Are we confident and trusting our wisdom and understanding? 

Can we worship at the altar of our Truth? 

Be light, delight and enlighten. 

This is how we honor our self, each other and live a blessed life. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

life lessons

In honor of Teacher's Day and in praise of all my teachers thru the years. . . .

Count yourself miraculously blessed indeed if at any time in your life you have had the sheer good luck to have a teacher push open the doors to your possible probables - awakening your awareness and igniting your spirit thru other ideas and perspectives. 

Hooking your imagination and drawing you into magical mysterious worlds so that - in however imperfect but distinct a voice of your own - you learn to grasp, formulate, and express your self, your hopes, your aspirations, and your desires. 

In my idyllic island paradise the first AHA! moment I experienced that moved me out of my fixation with myself as the center of my universe was at 13 when I started high school.  I was enrolled in classes with two English teachers who were polar opposites - inside and out. 

One class taught the lyricism in literature and writing.  The other class taught the mechanics of language and grammar.  Both teachers demanded the best and were strict disciplinarians.  One taught what she loved and the other worked as a teacher. 

When we struggled with the convolutions of Olde English, one teacher had us listen to Shakespeare's plays narrated by Sir Lawrence Olivier.  When we mutilated conjugations, the other teacher would shame us with her snarky sarcasm. 

We bloomed in one class and were shaken to the core in the other.  Either way, like young saplings we weathered thru and grew up.  Some better with the wear than others. 

By their example I learned from both teachers what worked and what did not.  The experience taught me how to approach life - happily or not. 

We can choose to learn our life lessons from a school of hard knocks.  Or we can illuminate life with the wonder and delight of discovery, change, and challenges. 

Either way the choice is ours completely.