Wednesday, November 27, 2013

thrive don’t strive

success vs. struggle – this is what it means to thrive instead of strive

Empire State Building dressed in colors of the Philippine Flag
-  in commemoration of those affected by Typhoon Haiyan
those driven by ambition believe that their effort and willpower will lead them to desired results and achievements

those with a longing are drawn and driven by demands beyond ourselves, something larger than us or any ambitious identity – a slave driving master and commander of unreasonable intent

in longing desires and demands vie constantly for attention – spinning us in a magnetic and gravitational vortex - for those who learn we are revitalized, recharged, rejuvenated – vibrant and vibrating with possibility and potential

ambition fueled by speed barely scratches the surface – it relies on results and recognition as advent to arrival or attainment

identity is shaped by longing and desire indistinct in inner and outer drives – it completes us seamlessly – longing drives all creative art, explorative work, evocative ideas

our life’s journey rather than paved in stepping stones is a turbulent gush on which we are meant to flow – self discovery and realization are manifested and magnified each moment as we thrive in the direction we are headed

the striving that comes with ambition clouds our clarity and leads to confusion

longing gives birth to growth, evolution, transmutation – and so we thrive


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

to live and die in the Anthropocene

“This term, taken up by geologists, pondered by intellectuals and discussed in the pages of publications such as The Economist and the The New York Times, represents the idea that we have entered a new epoch in Earth’s geological history, one characterized by the arrival of the human species as a geological force." - Learning How to Die in the Anthropocene by ROY SCRANTON

There’s a word for this new era we live in - the Anthropocene. 

The first snow of the year fell here in New York City today. While half way around the world the Philippines was just flattened by what we are calling the worst storm known to man - two categories higher in intensity than Sandy and a hundred miles swifter.

Family and friends are safe and sound - not so with my hometown, Bacolod City. Though by no means the hardest hit neither was it spared. It has been declared a disaster area, with 5,000 homes wiped out all along the coast. 

Too many areas remain isolated - even choppers cannot make it to most of the hardest hit places. Too many villages wiped out. People there walk endlessly - in search of food and drinking water - intent to keep dry and bury their dead. 

Now the vigil begins. Challenging to send love and support from so far away and not cave with the rising death counts and horror stories of chaos and corruption. 

Because we live here and love the place we are the most invested.

The challenge the Anthropocene poses is a challenge not just to national security, food and energy markets - or even to our way of life - though these challenges are all real, profound, and inescapable.

The greatest challenge the Anthropocene poses may be to our own humanity and our own possible extinction. If homo sapiens (or some genetically modified variant) survives the next millennium/s - it will be survival in a world unrecognizably different from the one we inhabit now. 

The Buddhist Christian in me takes comfort that when we die, we are not bound by the same physical laws of time and place anyway.  

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

bzzz, buzz, buzy bee

This business of the solar eclipse and the Scorpio new moon has wound me up and kept me in a buzz of productivity this past week. The energy is pretty intense and can hardly be contained - switching back and forth between excitement and irritation.

How have you been feeling?

As Daniel Quinn says, "We are all captives of a story." If you are like me - having an active and vivid imagination - this can prove a double edged sword.

Our imaginations can be a valuable tool to drive and direct us in deciding what we eventually believe in. But if we do not train and discipline it early on we fail to harness it to understand and integrate the lessons life offers us through our experiences.

What story do we tell our self?

Do we tell a tale of self reliance and empowerment? Or do we believe in lack and fear?

If we allow ourselves to use our imaginations to engage us in a deeper mystic story - it will show us how to meet challenges - and we can be guided to access one of the great gifts of the Creative Imagination.

Instead of getting lost in mere fantasy and losing touch with our collective reality - we can decipher the symbols and understand a new story - and be guided by our true nature to surpass our challenges and break through to create the necessary changes.

Become complete and live in wholeness.