Monday, August 16, 2010

problem vs. project

4 Steps To Creating A Vision That Makes A Problem Obsolete 

1. Don’t call it a problem. Call it a project - This simple change of words will have a profound effect on your perspective. This comes from the Silva Method. Jose Silva, the founder would teach his students to label everything a project and by incorporating this with creative visualization they were able to see the solutions instead of being bogged down by negative thinking. This single labeling change has impacted me greatly. I no longer have problems, I have projects I work on. 

2. Create a new vision where you know exactly what you want- Don’t worry if you don’t know how to get to your vision. Just get clear on what you want. Here’s the secret. You don’t have to know how, you need to know exactly WHAT. The how will come to you. You just have to put that vision out there and the right answers will come to you. The right opportunities, synchronicities, and circumstances will appear when you know exactly what it is you want. If you know what you want to create, your subconscious will imprint the right questions so that your mind will find the answers. 

3. Pursue your vision aggressively - TAKE ACTION. Start taking classes, programs, or reading the right books to create the version of you that you need. If this is a business scenario and you just lost your biggest client, take action to find bigger, better clients, making your original loss obsolete. But you need to take action. If you don’t yet know what the action steps are, don’t worry. They will come to you. Just make sure you pursue and act on the opportunities that arise. 

4. Monitor your state of flow - You’ll know you’re on the right path if you feel inspired, happy and joyful. In essence, you’re enjoying the journey. Even if you’re working long hours, you won’t feel stressed or anxious. But if you do notice that you’re feeling stressed out or overly worried, then you’ve lost that state of flow. When this happens you’re out of touch with your higher powers. In other words you’re not leveraging the unseen forces that will move you towards your goal. Always be in flow.

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