Saturday, July 8, 2017

what I love about July

Oh July how I looove you!

You are the month in which I chose to be born - bursting into the sizzling summer sunshine.

I came surrounded by many loved ones and teachers - highlighting my contracted life lessons.

Padooka - Footprint of the Gods

It is the month of Guru Purnima - the month in which the full moon shines its brightest.

The festival when we honor all our life teachers - in whatever form or shape they manifest.

My parents - my gateway into this world, the authorities who helped me form my foundation.

My childhood place of birth - my isolated island paradise, Petri dish of my creation.

Mahala, my gift and blessing - who constantly surprises and inspires me to be better always.

Shrinking gaps. Expanding space. Nurturing, augmenting, and evolving day to day.

The people in my life - then, now, and to come. All of them - accepted, adored, and abhorred.

Each and every moment that brought me here today and formed the basis of who I am.

How I learned to define myself and how I am perceived by others. Ever changing, ever being.

This is the path I choose to walk. The wake I make. My reason and purpose in this life.

Happy birthday to me!

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