Saturday, June 18, 2016

leave or remain : heart & spirit divided

With my one and only based in the UK, this sad business and sorry outcome of the Brexit vote has our whole family on a ridiculous ride of our lives.

Reading this laudable article of Laurie Penny, "I want my country back," reminds me that this is a shared sentiment that is bigger then the UK or the EU even.

I want to wake up tomorrow in a country where people are kind, and tolerant, and decent to one another. A country where people – all people – can feel at least a little bit safe. 

This is about each of us and our place in the world or the stand we take.

On the larger conversation of humanity and how we are each choosing to evolve or not, how are we showing up and how are we dealing with matters largely out of our control?

Listening to this Sunday's live Satsang of Mooji, I found my bearing and was encouraged.

This true teacher, venerated guru and wise sage speaks about "the cow jumping over the moon" from an enlightened perspective. And these are the gems I have been blessed with.

The cow jumps over the moon. If the moon is the mind and you are the cow, what does this mean?

Change your mind, jump over the moon and observe what can happen. Witness your experience.

Perceive without investing or shopping. We can fully immerse in it and not take anything with us.

We do not need to invest energy [our life force] to transcend what is of no significance to us.

What do we identify with? Am I it? Is it me? Can I be indifferent to it?

Protecting my safety is evidence of my fears. Use this to find what is imperishable in me.

Live a lighter life. It takes a lot of energy to sustain being a person. It takes nothing to be true to me.

The goal is not to see the unreality in another but to see who we are.

Effortless in nothing. Not escaping and simply being.

There is one Earth yet there are billions of worlds, though each one is not absolutely true.

Clarify our position in life. Are you your personal consciousness? Are you pure consciousness?

Can I be the silent, uninvolved, unattached witness. Ego free. 

Do I let life take care of me? Can I see me?

To evolve from person to presence. Un-become what I am not.

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