Wednesday, June 1, 2016

celebrate life, grieve loss, grow & gain

This week was filled with one eulogy too many. Life and death. Loss and gain. Joy and grief.

In any stage or phase of our lives, these are attendant attachments of every human being.

However well lived a life - in intent and application, in motivation and purpose, in success or satisfaction - its end does not always bring closure for those left behind.

For the living we are left to process through whatever stuff arise out of our loss and grief.

Prepared or otherwise, oftentimes the death of someone close confuses and exhausts us. Leaving us bereft and adrift as we explore fresh and uncharted territory.

There is the immediate and primary loss of the person who has died. Then there are succeeding varieties of other losses attached.

Mundane or material, emotional or evocative, surprising or expected - our world is astoundingly upended.

With much changing and disappearing, this can easily snowball. 

A death does not just create a single hole in one’s life.  The loss can impact many areas in our lives. 

The road to recovery involves taking constructive action to adapt to each loss, adapting a frank and honest personalized approach, and surviving and thriving in a renewed life. 

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