Tuesday, July 12, 2016

feeling grand

Happy 60th birthday to me! Today the Sun returns to the position it was in when I was born. 

drawing my lines

It’s a new year, the dawn of a brand new decade. Today is a day of new beginnings with influences affecting the entire year to come.

This birth day I receive a new impulse from the energy center within as symbolized by the Sun. New ventures started at this time ride the crest of this new vibe and yield blessings and success.

Whatever action or initiative taken today bears the stamp of my individual uniqueness more than anything else.

And so my 60th birthday begins - went to bed with warm greetings and woke up to a brand new day blessed with even more love.

My heart full and my soul sustained on my special day. I am ready to conquer the world! 

This is the day to assert myself anew. Thank you beloveds! 

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