Saturday, December 9, 2017

winter is coming

After an extended autumn our beautiful weather has turned. Leaves are scattering in the wind. Skies have turned leaden and gray.

Window Dancer

When days are shortened and dusk falls before 5:00 p.m. you know winter is on its way.

We truly have been blessed with a long and great fall season. Last year we only had a couple of weeks between a rainy summer and a sleety slushy winter.

Fallen Gingko Leaves

The winter prior we did not even get snow on the ground until after Christmas. No White Christmas is indeed a sad and dismal holiday.

Dwarf Red Maple

Our winters in the east coast tend to start around mid November and creep into mid April.

By the second month the magic of fluffy new snow grows dirty and icy and the shimmering holiday lights dim and pale as we long for spring.

Leaden Skies

Heading back to the tropics for a month or more is just the antidote to break the winter doldrums. It's the perfect time to visit too - as the humidity drops and the weather cools.

Overcast Super Moon

Then all our far flung siblings come home to roost once again. For a few weeks we congregate at our parents' home and overflow to the rafters as we get catch up on each others' lives.

Fire in the hole!

Pamper the folks. Play with the babies. Hangout with the growing generations.

Sun Flare

When it's time to pack up and return we are filled with enough warmth and cheer to fortify us through whatever remains of winter.

Bright blue against gray.

Because we have had a reprieve then winter is no longer bleak. Happy Holidays!

Peekaboo Moon

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