Thursday, August 31, 2017

healing vs medicating

As a holistic practitioner and natural healer I am quite particular about personal health and my care.

This business of yet another broken foot brought my priorities into focus when I sought treatment for it.

At first I opted for a podiatrist whose clinic was just a few blocks down the road from where I live.

But after two weeks of consults and three boot changes it became abundantly clear that capable and well practiced as he may be he was not the doctor for me.

I opted instead to return to a New York based foot specialist who has been treating our family's feet issues through the years.

What a world of difference it was.

This neighborhood doctor was impersonal, hurried, brusque, and obviously pushing his own preferences. It was also the second time this doctor recommended surgery when none was required. 

Our family podiatrist was nurturing, took his time to hear me out, funny, friendly, and obviously knew what I needed and wanted. 

This brought home the incontrovertible fact that while they may well be capable doctors trained and possessing the required professional skills one was in it for the business and the other was in service as a healer.

One put me at ease enough to trust that I would heal well while the other made me doubt my own body's capability and need.

Big difference!  I count my blessings that I am now able to see this choice with such clarity.

Would that we were all equally fortunate.

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