Thursday, August 17, 2017

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On Sunday I had another bad fall and broke my other foot.

It's been a while and even I had to look back at past posts to see when it was I had broken my left foot.

That time I was careening down my apartment stairs with two shopping bags full of stuff to hand to the driver. I missed a step and landed on the edge of the next one, full weight slamming hard down on the vulnerable side of my foot.

Yes, extremely OUCH!

Only to wrap it overnight in Salonpas and stick in some reliable sneakers to go walking all over New York City the next day with high school classmates who were visiting from the Philippines.

Four weeks later because I'd lost my balance doing my tree pose at a yoga session, I go see a foot doctor whose x-rays showed the original hairline fracture with the bone starting to migrate over each other.

Why? Because I had been walking around two hours a day or the equivalent of 40 long New York blocks on that foot.

Lucky me they did not have to operate or stick it with pins. After wearing a pneumatic boot for eight weeks my foot doctor pronounced me completely healed. Halleluia!

So, long story short, I broke that foot on Oct 1, 2014, walked on it for four weeks, got my boot on Oct 28, and flew to the Philippines with it On Dec 1.

Which turned out to be a good thing because my brother who came to visit us there from Honkong slipped on our folks' driveway, slammed his ankle badly, got a swollen tendon and had to fly back with that boot and wear it for another month.

That boot got more air miles than I did that holiday break.

This time I was heading to the store in New York City when I tripped and fell on the sidewalk. Because I had again two heavy bags on either arm and was ready to cross the street, I stepped into a dip, twisted my right ankle and took a hard fall that scraped my left knee deeply, popped off my left shoe and bruised that big toe.

At first it looked like the cut was the worst damage since it was filthy and bleeding profusely. Luckily my backpack is a deep and endless well of useful necessities - bottle of water, pack of band aids, spray bottle of disinfectant, wet wipes, anti bacterial cream, etc.

Yes, I do have these items ever ready in my magical backpack or wonders. You just never know, plus I am an avid germophobe and the city is such a petri dish of exotic viruses, real or virtual.

By the time got to the store I was limping badly and had developed a golf ball sized lump below my ankle on the top of the right foot I'd twisted.

I get an appointment with my foot doctor two days later and after another battery of x-rays it turns out I had another fractured itty bitty bone which was pulled apart by the strong tendon at my heel when I twisted it. Go figure!

To be precise, the x-rays revealed a fifth metatarsal avulsion fracture of the right foot.

What this meant for me was not just another pneumatic boot but an unna boot and no walking at all. This foot had to be kept completely immobile with no weight put on it. Along with the boot I was issued a walker too.

This boot unlike the previous one could not be removed at all. I was to wear it the whole time, sleep with it and even bathe with it. It was there to keep that wily tendon from pulling on the bone so it could be allowed to knit back together again.

This time I am to return for another doctor's visit next week to check on the bone's healing progress. Which is estimated to run from two to three months. Oh yes.

Entailing a letter from my foot doctor for my employers since this means being on disability and house bound to ensure proper recuperation. Otherwise if the bone does not heal it may require surgery to either wire it back or put some pins to keep it in place.

So starts the road to recovery. I am staying put and opting for quiet time and slowing down for optimal natural healing.

Just in time for my sound healing course which starts this October.

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