Tuesday, May 23, 2017

who we remember & what we devote ourselves to

Neil Gaiman is an admired author and a prolific writer that has grown better through the years and aged gracefully in wisdom even in the constant glare of his incessant celebrity.

There's just so much to Neil that we admire!

Most recently high profile attention given to his book, American Gods, adapted for television by Starz Entertainment, is a timely reminder of why a tale written over a decade ago about long forgotten idols and gods is so relevant today. 

In Gaiman's own words, “We definitely are living in interesting times, I think the role of the artist is always twofold. One is reacting to your time and the other is chronicling your time.”  

After hearing about Trump's first international trip, the bombing outside a Manchester concert, and that Martial Law was declared once again in the Philippines, it is challenging to keep focused on what remains working in the world rather than on what the frigging f*ck has not. 

Like Gaiman's forgotten gods I so wish forgetting past horrors could make our current ones blow themselves away and have any sign of their existence completely wiped out. 

Like the grand set up in American Gods how I wish we cold just turn the current tale of our worldly woes into a happy ending no matter how insurmountably impossible this seems. 

Much as I loved reading Gaiman's epic tale I have to say I adore the visual production even more. Especially how each character was cast and fleshed out so much more than in his original writing. 

The over the top production and campy bigger than life divine actors contrast seamlessly with their very humanity. Highlighting every mundane action and petty emotion with true pathos. 

I can only hope that if even deities bogged down in their drama are forced to change their ways then maybe we humans can wade past our current bullshit and rise above ourselves. 

With this insight I am encouraged.

P.S. Bonus Read: fun guide to the gods - old and new.


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