Saturday, May 27, 2017

we are the ones that we have been waiting for

Choose love. However challenged we are. No matter how challenging. Stand united in this.

Calling on all change warriors and all of humanity!

What better motivation than world leaders like Trump and Duterte who show us beyond the shred of a doubt what exactly we do not want for our selves and for our world?

Even the most lethargic sedentary sloth feels their heart kindled and ignited today as a result of the unbelievable indignities we are being subjected to.

This is not the time to be passive and invisible. Stand up, awake and arise, be counted and make your life count.

So much anger needs much love. So much pain needs much healing.

Healing not to fix what is broken but heal to preserve our higher nature and protect our world.

We each need to look within ourselves to find true inner peace in order for there to be any hope of peace on earth.

These times bring strong emotions. Use them to motivate and inspire. Not to aggravate and complicate.

Live in the light of wisdom and love. Shine and drive off the darkness of ignorance and lack.

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