Sunday, March 5, 2017

anthem to humanity

In the United States, National Anthem Day is every March 3rd, in celebration of the day congress made the "Star-Spangled Banner" our official national anthem, which only happened in 1931.

Prior to that what stirred the spirit of local residents? Before the immigrants came to these native shores what was the unifying call to prayer among local inhabitants and First Nations?

Current atrocities at our borders and immigration centers recall past indignities long suffered by our proud and mistreated tribes and recently resurrected "in the name of America the Great." For shame!

Where Native Americans believed themselves host and caretaker of this sacred land and resources, the invading hordes were mostly hell bent on carving a new world for themselves.

Not much has been achieved in the intervening years to right the balance long lost.

In the entitled world of today's Trumpians, what little progress made is resolutely and intentionally being eradicated by him and his mal-intentioned minions.

Obstructing and destroying humanity's evolution with all their fear mongering and chest thumping exclusivity. For shame!

This change warrior has crossed over from being shocked and offended by such inhuman behavior to taking umbrage and channeling frustration and impotent wrath into proactive resistance and revolution.

I revolt over all matters revolting about this Trump administration.

Where is the love? We are all in this together are we not?

Time to shift and change. This is my anthem - evolve or devolve.

Aho Mitake Oyasin [all our relations].

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