Monday, March 13, 2017

Hail Hillary!

March is Women's History Month, when we commemorate the struggle for women's rights and celebrate the political, social, economic and cultural achievements of women throughout history.

The theme of 2017 is "Honoring Trailblazing Women in Labor and Business."

Never has that been more important than today here in the US under the misogynistic "the Donald."

In truth the man does seem to prefer his women working. At what is why we need to beware.

The anger and bile of America's rejection of Hillary Clinton still gags me.

It was hard enough against a worthwhile opponent like Barrack Obama, who is warm, generous, and inclusive.

But to have lost to a subhuman like Donald Trump is so inexplicable and shattering.

America was more ready for an unseasoned unknown [although admittedly gifted and charming] black man than they were for this woman of power and experience who spent all her adult life serving this nation.

What an insult that folks seemed more interested in what she wore, how her voice sounded like, what she weighed, how "pretty" her legs should be, how old or tired she looked, her husband's past.

Really? In the grand scheme of things this was what you focus on?

Hard as that was to swallow, what is America's excuse for opting for Donald J. Trump over Hillary Rodham Clinton?

The most capable and qualified person in the history of America's candidates for the highest office of the land who won the popular vote still lost to the crassest, bigoted, egotistical maniac we all love to make fun of.

WTF! Totally insane. Total insanity.

Hail Hillary and to hell with all the rest of this insane mess.

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