Tuesday, January 17, 2017

our human super power

By now most of us have heard the farewell speeches of President Obama - filled with honor and grace and inspiring us all.

We have also heard the first ever press conference of Donald Trump since the elections and we all got the gist of what life will be like under him.

As Forbes Magazine prefaces in their article, "What The Trump Era Will Feel Like":  

This column is about what life will be like under Trump, based on discernible patterns in other countries where populists gained power, especially those with possible murky Russian ties.

I write this not as the kind of airy opiner now ubiquitous via the internet – just one more shrill partisan voice in the noise – but as a professional with specific two-decades-long experience in the subject.

We now have enough experience of populists in power in the West and elsewhere to guess intelligently at what's to come in the U.S.; what life will feel like under Trump.

Here is a checklist to compare against in the coming months and years.

Constitutional Chaos
Democratic institutions will save America
Everything is equal and opposite

The goal is to create confusion of allegiance, of trust, of truth, loss of faith in the open society, in the very epistemology of empirical fact. You'd think such a quasi-metaphysical inversion of all certainty couldn't be deliberately achieved. You'd have to be paranoid to believe that.

Now that you have this new input I encourage you to listen once again to the speech Meryl Streep gave at the Golden Globes when she was given her lifetime achievement award.

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