Saturday, January 21, 2017

new dawn, new day, new age

In protest against the vileness embodied in Donald J. Trump, people all over the world marched to demonstrate our dissent.

From Boston to Los Angeles, here are aerial views of thousands and thousands marching in solidarity with the #WomensMarch on Washington

On January 21, 2017 activists from all over the world made their way to the Women's March in opposition to the agenda and rhetoric of #notmypresidentTrump in Washington, DC.

The marchers' slogan called for participants to "be brave, be fierce, be careful". For as long as Trump sits in office we all need to be vigilant and hold him accountable.

This is not a time to be devastated or get depressed. Get involved and actively express your dissent.

Trump plagiarized parts of his inaugural speech from Avatar & Batman movies

Let the world know. We are here. We are watching you. We will stand for our rights.

It matters that Trump drew a sparse crowd to inaugural festivities that he had billed beforehand as a historic, Jacksonian uprising of The People.

Trump vs Obama Presidential Inauguration Crowds

It matters much more that millions of Americans came out on a Saturday to register their protest. Here are some official #WomensMarch attendance numbers.

People of the world unite!

EarthCam screen grab of Trump's inauguration, 20 Jan 2017

EarthCam screen grab of #WomensMarch, 21 Jan 2017

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