Monday, June 4, 2018

Sunday in the City

For a native New Yorker "the city" can only mean our one and only New York City - the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, bright lights - big city.

Yesterday NYC hosted two international parades - the Philippine Independence Day Parade and the Israel Day Parade.

What struck me was the disparity between the focus of each of these communities. Predictably the Jewish community was all about high security alerts all along the parade route. The Filipino community were out to call the cops on their wild gyrations and hot street performances.

Israel does paranoia so well they are the top world experts on security. While us Pinoys are just to put on a show - too happy to exhibit our love of music, dance and performance. Both have their pros and cons for sure.

On the world stage eyes are on both this countries - a very old one that has forgotten so much of its past and a brand new nation that was built on a dark past they can't seem to come out of the shadow of.

Sweeping generalities that encompass many exceptions for sure, thank gad. Intense and undiluted. Inclusive and dispersed.

Where the Jewish diaspora led to the birth of Israel, the Philippine "condition" has led to the diaspora of its best and brightest, seeing sanctuary in foreign lands.

Fierce and ferocious can come packaged in obvious in-you-face abrasiveness or cloaked in shades of devious dissent.

Artistry and creative style can be loud and colorful or classic and traditional. All rooted in seeking out our roots - genealogy, heritage and lineage.

When oppressed who fights and who flees? In making our stand who is right and who is not? In escaping who benefits and who does not?

Citizens of the World! What is our clarion call? What is our anthem?

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