Friday, April 14, 2017

friends & relations

People come into your life
for a reason, a season or a lifetime.
When you figure out which one it is,
you will know what to do for each person.
~ Anonymous

Phases of our lives.

Of all our relations friendship is the most valued and valuable.

So fragile and ephemeral and yet the foundation upon which our lives rest and are weighed.

Whether for companionship, conversation, to lean or rely on, laughter and humor, to counsel or listen - however brief or sustained, intermittent or constant.

Most are grateful and appreciate shared moments together - however intense and productive, painful or elusive.

Loving kindness, caring concern, vulnerable intimacies - these are the building blocks between friends.

Births, weddings, and funerals tend to focus our intent towards and motivation behind our relationships and countless shared histories and highlights.

For someone who has chosen to remain solo when many others chose marriage or partnerships it keeps me alert and on my toes.

As emotional beings bound in physical bodies mired in mental acrobatics, the changes and shifts throughout our lives are never simple or easy.

It's complicated enough dealing with I, me, and myself. Doubly so in our relationships.

As years pass and those near or dear move in and out of our lives, we are forever altered and affected.

Being discerning and appropriate as our relations and connections ebb and flow, as years pass and we mature, as memories and life expand and grow.

Leading to what is most valued and valuable.

Arise and renew our Self. Happy Easter!

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