Friday, November 11, 2016

healing heartache

As I watch President Barrack Obama's tearful thank you to his campaign staff I listen to Leonard Cohen's gravely voice, hoping to heal my grief and heartache.

I turn to Cohen's Buddhism, the Path of Enlightenment through the understanding of human suffering, to lift my spirit and soothe my soul.

The Buddha is a tremendous help right now, with supportive advice for working through my debilitating devastated emotions.

Body, mind, and heart are running amok, at war with each other, and each tearing itself apart.

I can barely breathe. I don't want to leave the warm cocoon of my safe bed. I am scattered and adrift in so much mucky muck.

Bereft and horrified, I hold murderous thoughts and lash out angrily.

I seem incapable of considering what in the world is going on. It only upsets me further and puts my tired self on tilt.

Inconsolable and defeated, I wish to be left alone and undisturbed.

In the quiet I seethe like a boiling caldera of red hot lava. Fired to the max, bubbling and blazing, sizzling and searing.

Neurons sparking and leaping in a void, nerves tingling and frazzled, energy sapped and expired, I try to make sense out of all these chaotic trauma.

My salvation lies in the immortal words of Leonard Cohen's "Anthem":

     Ring the bells that still can ring
     Forget your perfect offering
     There is a crack in everything
     That's how the light gets in

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