Saturday, October 29, 2016

hollow horrors

As this chaotic year draws to a close, Halloween is by far the most apt occasion to celebrate before voting in the US elections on November 8.

We all need to bring back more fun and humor in our lives after the rocky horror show of this presidential campaign season.

So much rides on our choice and our vote.

If it's not screaming, it's not a TRUMPkin!

As Halloween has transitioned through the millennia - from the somber meaningful pagan ritual of Samhain to making merry of hauntings and horrors, with costumes and candies, in parades and parties of today - have we made a mockery of or important traditions and beliefs?

Take Donald Trump for example. The man was always some hokey sleazebag trickster, a braggart and a buffoon, perennially proud of putting one over the poor schmo foolish enough believe him.

While it may have been fun to make fun of him as a regular citizen, it is a horrid nightmare to even be considering him for president.

He stands for all that is cringe worthy - a manling, a subhuman, a slimy slug. Yet this pompous badger dares posture about anything and everything, lambasting and blaming all who do not agree with him.

How in the world did we come to this? Giving our attention and airtime to this narcissistic psychopath? Whatever possessed us to d so?

Trump is a monster of our own creation who has always and will forever run amok!

This is the hollow horror of our present day reality.

Let's hope the nation wakes up from this nightmare on November 8. Vote wisely!

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