Thursday, July 16, 2015

birthday's are the best

I just celebrated my birthday. This year was different. I did not unplug as usual to go on retreat. 

Because my sister thought I was turning 60 we ended up booked for my birthday dinner at Asiate - Mandarin Hotel's fine dining aerie restaurant in New York City - overlooking Central Park and Columbus Circle

Birthdays are the best! A new beginning, the cycle of life completing its circuit of 365 days. The unique and special life stream of an individual and the world of experiences created, circling close at each year's end.

I believe we come into each lifetime with a precontracted purpose and the attendant inner potential to see it through. I also believe that as each actual birth possesses the abundant possibilities a being is being born to, so too does each birthday hold the prospect and perspective to transcend, remake or adjust oneself into a different being.

In my case, my approach in life is mainly analytical and practical, yet I am also a creative and emotional being with a tendency to idealize. In its raw state when I started out I burned fiercely and barreled through life intensely with my grand intent. 

Each year unfolds with opportunities to make the necessary adjustments towards a better fit and greater alignment. At first where I was more invested in the outcome friction and force would prevail. Acceptance and surrender were not easy lessons to learn initially - fulfilling as they have come to be. 

I am eternally grateful that God in his omnipotence gifted me with a daughter who is the ideal partner and peacemaker to my soul's growth. She has made achieving my potential a greater reality. 

So I embrace ageing with grace and joy.  

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