Friday, February 13, 2015

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This Valentine's Day I contemplate the day's significance and the personal stories I have attached to it through the years.

St Valentine baptizing St Lucilla - Jacopo Bassano
I did not always have such lofty aspirations regarding this special occasion. Where I was born and raised we grew up with too much baggage attached to Saint Valentine and February 14.

Before we could grow our own awareness or express ourselves it seemed we were mired in either the religious, romantic or rabid consumer slant we were sold on.

We were blessed growing up with a mother who unstintingly splurged on sweet Valentine cards for each of us. Up until we were all grown and away for college, she would send us these loving missives in the mail.

Later, this day was celebrated according to whether or not we had a boyfriend with us at the time. How we celebrated together depended on how we felt about each other at the time.

On this day the world runs out of red roses, chocolate covered anything, dinner reservations, hotel and motel rooms. Even the story and significance of Saint Valentine has been lost in the fray.

Human behavior can be so warped. On Christmas and other holidays of celebration, we all too easily lose track of ourselves.

I choose to observe and mark this day in joyous celebration. HAPPY VALENTINE to us all!

May our hearts beat in celebration to the rhythm of the cosmos and all we aspire for!

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