Wednesday, July 4, 2018

‘Resistance’ handbook for America’s snowflakes

This year Independence Day celebrations are pretty dismal in the United States of America. Too many of us are still reeling from the upsetting news of our incarcerated immigrant children.

Children are seperated from their families. Locked up in heavily guarded secret locations. Forced to represent themselves in immigration court. At the mercy of a broken and bigoted government.

The UCLA handbook specifically defines “Trumpism” as a movement that consolidates power through white supremacy, misogyny, nationalism, xenophobia, corporatism, and militarism.

Published by the Institute on Inequality and Democracy at the University of California Los Angeles, a publicly funded institution.

The organization calls on urban planners to abide by four simple rules:

  1. Refuse to design, plan, or build systems that divide and oppress communities, including the proposed wall between the US and Mexico.
  2. Declare spaces ‘sanctuaries’ to undocumented immigrants, while planning sanctuaries for all victims of injustice.
  3. Commit to abolishing mass incarceration and the prison-industrial complex, while expanding ‘abolition’ to all systems that promote racial and social exclusion.
  4. Reflect critically and historically on the political economy of planning to understand and resist our complicity in systems of racial capitalism and patriarchy.

“We can begin by calling hateful ideologies by their proper names and working to delegitimize and eliminate them.” ~ UCLA

Keep a watchful eye people of the world. We are the vanguard of the future.

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