Thursday, September 28, 2017

defining tenderness

Even I was amazed at the number of definitions the Merriam-Webster dictionary listed for this word. 

releasing, relaxing, letting go

Definition of tender
1 :     marked by, responding to, or expressing the softer emotions : fond, loving
  • a tender lover
2a :   showing care : considerate, solicitous
  • tender regard
b :   highly susceptible to impressions or emotions : impressionable
  • a tender conscience
3a :   easily chewed : succulent
b :   having a soft or yielding texture : easily broken, cut, or damaged : delicate, fragile
  • tender feet
4a :   sensitive to touch or palpation
  • the bruise was still tender
b :   sensitive to injury or insult : touchy
  • tender pride
c :   demanding careful and sensitive handling : ticklish
  • a tender situation
 d :   of a boat : easily tipped by an external force
5a :   physically weak : not able to endure hardship
  • children of tender age
c :   incapable of resisting cold : not hardy
  • tender perennials
6a :   appropriate or conducive to a delicate or sensitive constitution or character : gentle, mild
  • tender breeding; tender irony
b :   delicate or soft in quality or tone
  • never before heard the piano sound so tender
  • —Elva S. Daniels
7  :    obsolete :dear, precious
-   tenderly adverb
-   tenderness noun

Undergoing the saga of my broken foot and attendant six weeks of incarceration and minimized movement afforded me endless pockets of reflection and contemplation.

With the physical suspension and hampering of my body's habitual actions, my physical corpus adjusted and turned sensate. Action turned toward feeling, the lack of outward movement delving into inner sensation more.

As a holistic and natural healer I have trained to attune myself to my surroundings and align myself with internal and external aspects.

I admit that although I can say I have developed this awareness with greater clarity and more consistency, I am not always free from their effect and am all too often affected by them.

I am an emotional being and revel in that.

The difference this time is though I remain passionate and committed in this approach and outlook, it had become obviously tangible that the fierceness and ferocity need to give way to tenderness and surrender.

I embrace its unfolding and rejoice in its development. Alleluia!

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