Friday, August 12, 2016

bully to the back, bully at the front

Around this time last year I blogged about local elections in "make your vote count".

For the Philippines, many breathe easier now, having dodged a bullet when Bongbong - the only son of the Marcos conjugal dictators - failed in his bid for the vice presidency. Yay! for another six year reprieve from yet another Marcos threat.

Wax Figures: Imelda & Ferdinand Marcos

This November it is our fervent hope that our prayers will be answered once more and that Donald Trump will lose as well and fade into the orange sunset of his fake tan.

Fat Cat: can't keep his trap shut

Both are entitled brats who have bullied their way into fame and fortune by irregular and questionable means.

Blown up and bloated in their egotistical drive for our attention and applause. They are the cringe worthy warped spawn of their infamous fathers.

Both are notorious for garnering much attention with their wild claims and crazy talk. They are petty and dangerous demagogues vying for personal power at any cost.

Hysterically idiotic and pathetic as these half manlings' posturings may seem, they are loose canons at best and humanity's failures at their worst. 

Dismissive and divisive, their despicable self styled posturings are an affront and abomination. 

"even if Trump is just along for the ride, that doesn’t excuse what he is doing. . . . .Healthy democracies don’t decay overnight. They gradually rot from within, with termites like Trump undermining their foundations." ~ John Cassidy for The New Yorker

Even if they fail to get elected, their threat is not diminished. Stay watchful and alert! 

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