Friday, April 8, 2016

over here, over there

For however many conveniences a more mobile life has procured there are some downsides to it.

Where Heavens Meet

What gets to us all is when we are here there are things that we miss from over there.

And the same goes the other way around.

Over here I love being surrounded by family and the creature comforts of a lot more space, resources, luxuries and all the help needed and offered.

Over there I love my independent sole-ness, keeping to a schedule and agenda dictated solely by me, the expansive freedom of being myself and only me for an audience, and having only me to rely on for any and every thing.

Its only inconvenience is that both places are not closer together. It does make me appreciate what each has to offer precisely because it just is not easy to obtain.

It takes much efforting and more calculating and I suppose that is why it has become so valuable and maybe even priceless.

Soon a third location will be added to my list of [semi] permanent destinations.

Here's hoping as with triangles and triads this tripod will form a sturdier foundation for an even more mobile life.

Looking forward to more independence days!

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