Thursday, September 10, 2015

tempered tempers

Asked to describe my temperament in a word I would say fierce.

More intense and passionate in intent and motivation rather than vicious or violent though I do not always succeed.

I have always had a healthy respect for the value of things - real and symbolic - yours, mine and ours.

The challenge to succeed lies in my own clarity and balance.

Blindly passion has slid into ferocity or even fury.

Blessedly I have been driven beyond myself  into strong powerful profound depths.

Plummeting in tight scary spirals. Soaring in wide exhilarating expansion.

I have resorted to giving up red meat for a decade which helpfully reduced aggression and defensiveness.

Then again it is all relative. Those that know me well see and acknowledge it. Yet I can still sting.

Acceptance of all of me - parts that work, counter parts, shadow partners - is a life long dance of give and take.

Win some. Lose some. Forever striving to thrive.

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