Thursday, June 18, 2015

new logo debut

Fourteen years later I decided to opt for a new logo. It took wonder | wander | women two years to get it done. Not because we were taking our time but because it was important to us. 

The change from the former logo to this one was a journey from a former life into this current one. I was in need of a logo that captured this as well as the potential yet to unfold. 

This new logo captures a clearer more evolved brand identity - a distinct Filipino and significantly Bisaya image defined by the old Baybayin calligraphy applied. 

This new logo was a collaborative effort - created by me, digitally executed by Mahala and instigated by a gift from fellow artist and seeker Perla Daly

Apologies to Perla and all Baybayin scholars and users for my misappropriation and creative license. I have purposely mispelled words for the sake of a completely subjective call for beauty and harmony. 
Ba K Ti -  I Sa - U Ra

As pointed out the correct spelling for Bhakti Issa Urra in Baybayin script would spell out as Ba K Ti - I Sa - U Ra. As explained by the patient and persevering Perla: 
  • the x mark is used to eliminate the vowel symbol
  • the mark on the top gives the syllable an I or E sound
  • the mark on the bottom gives the syllable an O or U sound
  • otherwise non-vowel symbols and consonants default to the A sound

This is actually how today many have come to call the Baybayin script "Abacada" instead as they spell or pronounce its first four alphabets, A Ba Ka Da
Ba Ka Ti - Si Sa - Ru Ra

Thank god, as a
 fellow artist and seeker Perla is also allowing and admiring of my efforts. She says our logo art looks like music. If so I hope it represents the sound of the spheres. 

The hand drawn mandala is one of many recurring themes in my artwork through the years. At its center the sliver of a crescent is what some call Shiva's Moon. 

On Pinterest

Lord Shiva wears the crescent moon on his head to indicate mastery over the mind. Here it represents focus and direction as it pulls the viewer's eye inward

After several variants the final cohesive effect is the result of focused brand identity that allows for a more expanded inclusiveness and universality. 

Now you know why we take great pride and fulfilment in this obra maestra of ours.