Sunday, August 31, 2014


Happy day today! It's Mahala's birthday and my labor day. I wrote this for my beloved child. 

I first heard you in the fluid darkness, 
a heart beating like a warrior
in the distended chamber
of the unseen world
we both shared.

Easy to have and easier to love,
you came with clear purpose and intent
and focused us toward better and more.

Sun and moon stood guard on either side
as you slipped out of me and into our world,
love borne and promise born.

Virgo rising over Eastern skies,
take my mothering prayers
for company where I am not
to comfort my tender child
and love the woman to be.

As you grow into your own,
may these life lines spread before you
into a future uncuddled yet cradled by all I call.

Soften and smooth every unknown yet to come,
grow with you and keep you safe and sure,
as I named you, we call your powers into being.

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