Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Touched by G0D

In the ancient world the touch of a god was seen as both a blessing and a violation - at one and the same time. “To whom much is given, much is expected.” Glory Be to God! 

Living in the world - being alive.
Of the world - being found by the world – finding the Self.

Life. Lived. Living.

Experiencing reality – at times touched to the core in ways we would rather not. Growing up – in body, mind and spirit – discovering, expanding, becoming realized.

Real. Reality. Really.

We live and breathe - in this sensual tactile world - through tests, tantrums and trauma.
We heal and thrive – violated or wounded in this world – going on to find our way.

Find. Found. Finding.

Touched gently or fiercely or violently – we long for love and connection.
Witness to passing time – physical consecration and mutual participant in this pageantry.

Touched. Untouchable. Touching.

In trust or in doubt – through loss and recovery – we arrive here now.
In touch - asking over and over to be present to each different present.

Past. Present. Presenting.

Nothing stops the body’s arrival in each new present – not even death itself.
When we croak we come to yet another ultimate intimate form of meeting.

Touchable. Findable. Alive.

Living fiercely up to the consequence of being bodily present in the world. 

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