Monday, January 27, 2014

The Cosmic Story: Aquarius New Moon 2014 - Imbolc [Winter Solstice]

These were the gems I gained from my reading of this wonderful information. Go find your own treasure. 

Freedom is the essence of the sign of Aquarius - a freedom that comes from our essential archetypal nature.  Our religions and our philosophies call it ‘free will’.

Humanity has been given the freedom of choice . . . .[b]ut when our thoughts and feelings, beliefs and customs are shaped by our culture and our religion - are we really free?

Individuation is the process where we become uniquely our Self; when we leave behind our socialization and become the unique person our soul wants us to be.  Our true freedom and our wholeness lie in our individuation.

Aquarius is also the sign of our goals and visions for the future.  Who do you share your goals with?  What is your vision of the future?  Our vision (the Moon/3rd Eye) can either be shaped by our culture or by our free will. 

What if our heart’s goals and visions don’t align with patriarchy’s expectations?  What if our old story is false because it doesn’t take into account our soul?  What if we let our soul tell us what our story needs to be? Well, this is the moment we get to choose a new story.  

Imbolc is a time of vision, when we honor the returning light.  Just as the groundhog pops up to see what the light looks like, we can go within to find the new light that was born within each of us at Winter Solstice.  Within that spiritual light is the seed of our future. 

But we need new eyes to see with - eyes not shaped by our patriarchal capitalist, consumer consciousness (I like to call it a ‘flat earth’ consciousness) but by the Light of our Spirit. 

AUTHOR: Cathy Lynn Pagano, M.A. -  

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